The LITHOMAN makes a million in just 19 minutes.


The LITHOMAN was conceived to print success stories. A new chapter is launched today with the 2,250 millimeters (88.58 in) printing unit. With a maximum output of 3.2 million pages per hour, the LITHOMAN further strengthens its uncontested leading position in the high-volume sector. All this, of course, coupled with the same perfect printing quality.

True 80 DIN A4 pages. With a web width of 2,250 millimeters (88.58 in), a cylinder circumference of 1,240 millimeters (48.82 in.), and a maximum output of 3.2 million four-color true DIN A4 pages per hour, the LITHOMAN creates a new performance class.

High web speed. For maximum productivity, the web speed can operate at up to 3000 feet per minute.

High degree of automation. With more automation possibilities, the LITHOMAN reinforces its position as the leader in technology: an automatic webbing-up system that operates at 50 meters per minute up to the slitter section. Exact drive control for high register accuracy. Operator-friendly networking for the entire press via printnet®. A connection to the automatic reel handling system PASUSYS, which is controlled exclusively by PECOM. ClosedLoop control systems from manroland automatically control many quality-relevant functions directly in the press. These functions include color register control, ink density control, as well as cut-off register control. The QuickStart system provides automatic pre-inking before press start-up.

Stable performance. The LITHOMAN achieves its maximum values at maximum production speeds. The innovative printing system operates successfully at full speed in hundreds of printing plants – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High print volumes are only for gravure printing. And the world is flat.


The LITHOMAN breaks away from old conventions. Many jobs that were previously produced in gravure printing profit from the flexibility and elasticity of offset printing with the LITHOMAN. Performance characteristics have only improved since the introduction of the new generation in 1996. Today, the LITHOMAN is the unchallenged leader of the high-volume sector worldwide. This includes production of magazines, catalogs, telephone directories, and advertising inserts.

Highest flexibility. The LITHOMAN is revolutionizing classical production of commercial printing products. At almost the same costs, the LITHOMAN can implement folding variants and pagination that previously did not fit into the 8-, 16-, 24-, or 32-page print product concept.

Tailor-made press configuration. The LITHOMAN can be configured to match both the avail able space and individual production requirements. Modular folder superstructures offer an almost endless variety of combination options. Configurations can be adjusted depending on requirements: straight, angled, or magazine folder superstructure.

Flexible folding unit. The fully-automatic 2:5:5 pin folder offers the most diversity in production. It is equipped with multiple-motor technology that minimizes maintenance and thus significantly reduces makeready times. The folding unit can also be individually adjusted to production requirements by angle bars or different numbers of formers. Equipment highlights include an adjustable second cross fold for a delta fold or double parallel fold, as well as a quarter fold with magnetic brakes to achieve the highest level of productivity.

Perfected technology for 24-hour runs. 365 days a year.

High-volume commercial printing isn’t just a light jog. Every day is a race to achieve the highest production quantity and quality. The LITHOMAN offers the best components for ever-higher web speeds – from the printing units to the folder. This makes for a top position in high-volume printing.

Perfect temperature control. The LITHOMAN has a two-circle temperature control system for the ink fountain and ink distribution rollers. A unique oil refrigeration establishes a uniform temperature level between the operating and drive sides and dissipates frictional heat. Watercooled main drive motors complete the temperature control. As a result, printing quality is constantly stable and maintenance is particularly easy.

Fast-reacting inking and dampening unit. The large-scale dimensioned film inking unit with four form rollers 1 allows consistent inking over the whole print run. Two oscillating form rollers prevent ghosting. The entire inking unit is equipped with a two-circle temperature control system that ensures even ink feeding and dampening. By sharing a form roller with the inking unit, the Hydromix film dampening unit with three rollers ensures that an optimal ink-water balance is achieved quickly and maintained throughout the entire run, and start-up waste is
very low.

Perfect folds. The folding unit also has to keep up with ever-increasing production speeds. The new PFI-5 pin-type folder, with single drive and a cylinder ratio of 2:5:5 2 , sets new standards when it comes to folding quality and precision. These standards are most evident in the numerous motorized setting options. The adjustable former ensures optimal product feeding, and a rotating diverting cam prevents smearing when the product is fed into the quarter fold. Patented magnetic brakes 3 enhance the system by providing a new dimension of folding precision.

Folder superstructure of the LITHOMAN.
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Exemplary use of the 80-page web press.
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Flexible folding systems provide a high level of product diversity.
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The PFI-5’s swivelling delivery fan facilitates operator access.
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The patented magnetic brakes achieve an extraordinary degree of folding precision, even at high speeds.
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Information for LITHOMAN

Technical data: LITHOMAN

Maximum of 48 pages short grain or 64 pages long grain Up to 55,000 with 24 or 32 pages (LITHOMAN III) Up to 40,000 with 32, 48, 64 pages (LITHOMAN IV) 77.95 in. (up to 1,980 mm) 22-3/4, 24.80 in. (578, 630 mm)

Technical data: LITHOMAN S short grain

48 short grain 55,000 1,905 445 - 452